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Our third party lab tested, broad spectrum CBD is helping many sleep better, decrease anxiety, feel more productive, and help with neuropathy and chronic pain.

“For two days in a row I took a cbd capsule before bed. I slept well, had pleasant dreams (literally!), and was pretty productive and in a good mood.” (male, 47)

“I was exhausted and tense and miserable from not sleeping well on Thursday night. I was pretty sure I’d have trouble sleeping again (because I was all tense) so I took CBD before bed. Friday morning I felt great.” (male, 46)

Testimonial from someone who uses CBD Serum and CBD and Arnica Relieving Spray for swelling and neuropathy.
“This has helped me tremendously. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in pain and swelling!”(male, 70's)

“I really love the gummies. I now use them in place of ibuprofen for arthritis and joint pain. Not only are they safer, but they have additional benefits, including an increased feeling of overall wellness and decreased anxiety.” (female, 50's)

“Every month I go to Hudson River Healing & Wellness to purchase a bottle of CBD tincture. I get to see Tara’s smiling face and pick up a beautifully wrapped package of drops that help me feel at ease. People ask me how I feel when I take CBD oil, and all I can say is, “I don’t “Feel” anything, instead, I feel the absence of many things; stress, anxiety, anger, impatience. It’s the absence of these feelings that help me live my best life. Thank you Hudson River Healing & Wellness!” (female, 40's)

Clients are raving about our massages in the Salt Room
“Best massage I ever had! Really! So awesome.” (female, 30's)

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