Tara Flagler - The Owner

A native of Cold Spring, Tara’s career started from her background as a dancer and fitness instructor. She grew up with a nursing influence and also living with an ill parent. This all influenced her career decisions.  She went on to study Human Performance Science at Adelphi University. While working in cardiac rehabilitation at the 92nd Street Y in NYC she completed her first Masters Degree in the field and went on to work in Hamilton, Bermuda and at the Riverdale Y before marrying and moving to Tennessee and Germany.  She has worked for the Red Cross, several health and fitness clubs, ran an in-home daycare in Germany and finally settled back in Cold Spring with her family.  She is currently a Dutchess Community College Professor where she teaches the program she developed 20 years ago: Exercise Science.   
Tara is lifelong student! Completing a second masters and now pursuing nursing, she feels learning never ends.  She is a certified Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Leader, and holds various certificates in specialties related to her field. (pregnancy, fibromyalgia, aging, nutrition and many more) Tara has worked with the very young to the very old. She is an avid health nut and fitness guru. She’s been a fitness model and acted on TV and in a movie.  But she also experiences chronic pain and migraines. She has Celiac Disease (15 years) and Fibromyalgia (20 years) and has always found that alternative healing is key to optimal health.

 “This store is more to me than a business, it is a lifestyle that I want to share with everyone.
I am here to make your life a little healthier and manageable any way I can!”


Lauren Daisley - Reiki Master

Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes deep relaxation and clarity of thought. It originated in Japan about one century ago. Both pragmatic and profound, reiki reduces stress and restores a sense of balance. The mind and body have tremendous self-healing abilities, which reiki helps you access. It can also dissolve old emotional patterns and habits.

In a session, the fully clothed client lies on their back while the specially-trained practitioner places her hands on the client's head, shoulders, belly, torso, arms, knees, and feet. For clients who prefer not to be touched, reiki can be performed off the body. It is rejuvenating, respecting of boundaries, and sometimes revelatory.

Lauren Daisley received her reiki training from celebrated teachers well-respected for their work with doctors and nurses at major hospitals. She practices self-reiki daily, and approaches her client work with both empathy and joy. She lives in Cold Spring, New York with her husband, two kids, and big good dog.


Mary Peck - Reflexology

Mary Peck completed her initial foot reflexology training in 2009. She studied at The Open Center of New York under the Reflexology Professor, Wendy Coad. Shortly after finishing the Foot Reflexology program and receiving American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) certification, she completed courses in Face and Hand Reflexology, also with Wendy Coad. Mary has been practicing reflexology with regular clients in Cold Spring, New York and White Plains, New York. Mary offers a therapeutic and relaxing one hour session for clients. She aims to see results in clients’ health over a course of multiple treatments.

Reflexology is a cumulative form of bodywork. Clients experience a deep relaxation while the reflexologist works on specific points on the feet or hands. Through specific techniques, impulses are sent via the nervous system to organs, body systems and structures. Multiple, consecutive sessions can show results for a variety of health complaints.


Mary pursues regular training as required by the ARCB. Recently, she participated in a two-day course in Amsterdam, Netherlands during which she learned new reflexology techniques related to the digestive system.


Kacey Morabito Grean - Reiki

Kacey is the creator of Shine On: The Health and Happiness Show and a radio host in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years. She is a certified life coach who has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2014. Each session is a gentle path to remembering who you are. Kacey believes reiki is not only something to "receive", it's a way to "be" and she can easily guide you towards your own ability to know and heal.


Christine Knowlton - Reflexology

Christine is an ARCB nationally certified Reflexologist and received her certification from the American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles with trailblazer Bill Flocco. Her specialty is the Flocco Method for Integrated Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology that targets and prioritizes reflex points to achieve optimal health results. Other training includes Orthopedic Reflexology, focusing on the muscular/skeletal foundation, fascia, and key meridians. Condition Specific Techniques for Ear Reflexology are used to alleviate chronic illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis/RA, Fatigue, MS and Cerebral Palsy. Each session is client tailored to promote self-healing and homeostasis, eliciting a greater sense of wellness and vitality.


Kerry Jacobson-Craniosacral Therapist

Kerry is a Carniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, plus she practices various other energy modalities, and incorporates shamanic traditions, crystals, and essential oils into her practice.  As a licensed massage therapist, her professional background also includes several years as an Elementary School Teacher and Reading Specialist, which allows her to connect with children, in addition to adults, in her holistic work.


Branis Buslovich - Thai Yoga Bodywork
"Better Than Massage. Easier Than Yoga" TM

Branis has studied Thai Yoga Bodywork in Montreal, at the Lotus Palm school of Thai Massage, founded by Kam Thye Chow who brought his ancient art form from the East. Branis currently holds a Level 5 certification by the Lotus Palm and continuously deepening her skills through her own practice in Cold Spring NY. She considers this modality to be her greatest Gift and passion. She is a life long student of Yoga, Martial Arts, Spirituality, Philosophy, Metaphysics, the Power of Thought and Self Healing.

Branis is also an artist and a graphic designer, with a degree in Fine Art from Brooklyn College. She came to the States as a teenager, from Moldova (Eastern Europe) in 1994. She currently resides in Cold Spring, with her husband and three daughters. 


 During a session, Branis guides the client through a series of yoga based postures focusing on deep stretching techniques along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. It is performed on a thick mat, with both client and practitioner dressed in comfortable clothing, allowing ease of movement and flexibility. The result is a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically, improving one’s overall sense of well-being. 


Edith Beck - Esthetician

Bio coming soon.


Allison Sassano - Massage Therapist

Graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage 2001, Allison enjoys combining many massage modalities together to give her clients a customized  therapeutic healing experience. She feels it is important to her that clients leave feeling deeply relaxed with a greater awareness of the connection between their body, mind, and spirit. 


Swedish Massage ~ Deep Tissue Massage ~ Energy Work/Reiki ~ Hot Stone Massage ~ Reflexology ~ Cupping Massage ~ YL Essential Oils ~ Tuning Forks ~ Pregnancy Massage


HariPrakaash-Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong.

HariPrakaash teaches Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Gong. She began her practice at the age of 16 in Woodstock, New York. She has been a teacher of Yoga for over a decade. HariPrakaash brought Kundalini Yoga and "Gong Movement" to the Hudson Valley in a very grass roots way, by teaching out of her living room. She has inspired and guided dozens of people to take the KRI teacher trainings and become teachers, along with inspiring the countless individuals she teaches daily. She holds international Kundalini certifications in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Christine Bokhour - Acupuncture

Christine Bokhour is a licensed acupuncturist and bodyworker living in Cold Spring, NY with her husband and 10 year old daughter. She came to acupuncture from a need to help her own pain as well as a great desire to help others live a more pain free and body-mind integrated life. While dancing and singing professionally on Broadway and around the world she found that alternative medical practices including Traditional Chinese Medicine not only helped her manage her physical complaints but changed her outlook on life. She graduated with a Masters of Science from Tri-State School of Acupuncture in Manhattan in 2010 and practiced acupuncture in Manhattan until a year after moving to Cold Spring in 2014. Christine practices a combination of styles that focuses heavily on alignment and balance including TCM, Japanese Meridian (KM style) and Trigger Point release based on the work of Dr. Janet Travell. She has also undergone advanced studies in herbal medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan, and esoteric acupuncture with Mikio Sankey, PhD.


Cathie Grzeczka-Lymphatic Drainage

Cathie graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2016. Bringing a gentle healing touch to Massage. Modalities include Swedish, Deep tissue, Gua sha. Specialty certifications in Oncology massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.


David Lehman – Tai Chi / Qi Gong

My love for learning and experiencing Tai Chi began some 30 years ago. Originally drawn to the martial arts, I had the good fortune of meeting and training with several masters in the art!  As training progressed, it became clear to me that Tai Chi is way more than just a martial art.  In 2010 I completed the Integral Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi 200 hour teacher training program that is focused on sharing the profound health and well-being benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.  Since then I have continued a teaching practice at Dutchess Community College, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, Community TCE (Tai Chi Easy) classes in New Paltz NY, Valley Vista assisted living, and private lessons/workshops as requested. 


Come and join me for a truly integral experience.  You will learn simple forms based on the time tested principles of mindfulness, alignment, structural integration, and relaxation.  Following these principles you can quickly access the benefits regardless of your experience level and feel great!

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